Commercial Oil Tank Removal – Greater Boston Area Massachusetts

Lamb Oil and Tank Removal Services can do this for you safely including disposal of old tank – Fully Licensed

Is your business considering changing from Oil To Gas or Propane?

Lamb Oil Tank Removal is fully licensed to provide this service

  • Above Ground Oil Tank Removal or Below Ground Oil Tank Removal

    Lamb Oil and Tank Removal has the equipment and licensing for below ground oil take removal and above ground oil tank removal.

  • How long does it take for my oil tank to be removed?

    Lamb Oil and Tank Removal can be in and out within a few hours – sometimes as quick as one hour!

  • What if my tank still has oil in it - will you be able to remove it?

    Lamb Oil and Tank Removal will be able to remove the remaining oil in your tank and dispose of it properly. It’s all part of our service.

  • We only have small doorways - will you still be able to remove our oil tank?

    Lamb Oil and Tank Removal have the tools and experience to deal with all situations. We can cut your tank up on-site for removal purposes – safely and cleanly.

  • If your commercial property is for sale and your Oil Tank is out of service your Oil Tank will need to be removed

    Lamb Oil and Tank Removal can provide all of your Commercial Oil Tank removal and disposal services.